Anticipating human motion is a key skill for intelligent systems that share a space or interact with humans. Accurate long-term predictions of human movement trajectories, body poses, actions or activities may significantly improve the ability of robots to plan ahead, anticipate the effects of their actions or to foresee hazardous situations. The topic has received increasing attention in recent years across several scientific communities with a growing spectrum of applications in service robots, self-driving cars, collaborative manipulators or tracking and surveillance. The aim of this workshop is to bring together researchers and practitioners from different communities and to discuss recent developments in this field, promising approaches, their limitations, benchmarking techniques and open challenges. The program includes ten invited speakers and a poster session with spotlight talks.

Topics of interest

Topics of interest for this workshop include:

  • Motion trajectory prediction in 2D and 3D
  • Predicting articulated human motion
  • Early action and activity recognition
  • Motion and Task Planning in dynamic environments considering motion predictions
  • Anticipation of group and crowd motion
  • Human motion prediction and safety
  • Human-Robot Interaction considering predictions
  • Evaluation of prediction algorithms: datasets, metrics and benchmarks
  • Predictive planning and control
  • Applications of motion prediction techniques
  • Visual scene prediction

Intended audience

The topic of human motion prediction is of interest for researchers from different scientific areas, such as motion planning, learning and control, human-robot interaction, intelligent transportation systems and computer vision. However, it is rarely in the spotlight and is usually treated as small and single component part of a larger research problem. This workshop aims to build a platform for researchers interested in the development of reliable motion prediction approaches and tools to evaluate their performance and quality. It will feature a diverse set of high-profile invited speakers both form academia and industry. Their expertise is covering a wide spectrum of topics, including computer vision, human-robot interaction, autonomous vehicles.

Invited Speakers

Organizing Committee

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